Video Production

More than ever you need to be creating content and posting it online across several channels to promote and grow your business. With a professional quality production you can get more traction from a piece of content. Here at Rebel Marketing we have a professional team including a camera operator, video editor and sound engineer that can take your content to the next level and help you get the attention you deserve. Below are some projects we have worked on. 

Wyoming Business Council Connect Wyoming Program with Visionary Broadband

As part of the federal Covid-19 grant programs the Wyoming Business Council knew that we needed improved broadband infrastructure in rural areas to help our communities stay connected for work and communication. Visionary Broadband stepped up to help roll out this new infrastructure. The team here at Rebel Marketing had a great time seeing our state partner with Visionary to expand technology and help Wyoming stay connected during such a difficult time. 

Nitro Mountain Off Road

One of the most exciting things to be involved in is a new business or startup. Our team has been a part of many startups in different capacities and the energy and excitement is unrivaled. Nitro Mountain Off-Road is no exception. When they contacted Rebel Marketing to help them launch a new business and brand we were all thrilled to be involved. This video captures the genesis of a great local company we are excited to see grow over the coming years. 

Signature Real Estate

We had a great time working with The Steve Laakso Real Estate Team to create this video talking about the benefits of using a team when buying or selling real estate. What a fun group of people to work with!

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